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28 05, 2014

Surround Sound Speaker Set Up

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A 7.1 surround system has seven discrete audio channels, Left, Right, Center, Left Surround, Right Surround, Left and Right Back, and of course, the Subwoofer. Front Left & Right Speakers (L & R): Place the Front Left and Right speakers at ear height, producing a 45° angle as viewed from the main seat. This delivers a wide sound stage and precise localization of individual sounds. Center Channel Speaker (C): Place the Center channel speaker either above or below the display. Then, aim the speaker either up or down to point directly at the listener. If you have a perforated projection screen, center this speaker both horizontally and vertically behind the screen. Surround Left & Right Speakers (SL & SR): Place the SL & SR speakers between 90° to 110° to each side and 2 feet or higher above the listener.
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28 05, 2014

Why You Need Home Automation

By |2017-11-02T17:55:24+10:00May 28th, 2014|Home Automation|0 Comments

1. Make tasks more convenient Many tasks that are repetitive in nature can be accomplished automatically or with fewer steps using home automation. Instead of turning off or dimming four different lights when you want to watch a movie, home automation allows you to accomplish this task with one button. 2. Save money on utilities Utilities can amount to several hundred dollars per month. Home automation can turn off lights or lower the thermostat automatically when you aren’t using them and easily lower your utility bills by 10% to 25%. 3. Increased home safety Many accidents happen in the home because of poor lighting. Home automation can automatically turn lights on in closets, stairways, and other dark places when you enter and decrease the chance of accidentally tripping or running into things. 4. Home security Although home security
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