26-55″ Vogel’s WALL 1245 LED/LCD/Plasma Wall Mount

26-55″ Vogel’s WALL 1245 LED/LCD/Plasma Wall Mount

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Create the ultimate entertainment experience with the WALL 1245 LED/LCD/Plasma wall mount. Gives everyone a perfect view in the bedroom, living room, children’s room and kitchen. Ideal for mounting your flat screen TV around a corner or in a cupboard. It extends out from the wall, turns up to 180 degrees (90 degrees left and 90 degrees right) and tilts your screen 10 degrees forwards and backwards. This mount is part of the Vogel’s TURN products.

Spend more quality time with your family by watching a new movie together in the living room and giving everyone a perfect view. Put your LED/LCD/Plasma TV around a corner or next to your bed and watch your favourite show with ease. Or tuck your flat screen TV into a cupboard in the kitchen or a children’s room and easily access it when you want to watch a show. Turn the screen to the right and left and tilt it forward and backward so you always have a great view. Cables are easily guided to prevent damage. This wall mount extends up to 53 cm (20.9 inch) and provides secure support for up to 30 kg (66 lbs). It comes in black and silver and is suitable for screen sizes of 26 to 55 inch (66 to 140 cm).


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  • Main Color: Black
  • Supplemental colors: Silver
  • Turn: 180 °
  • Tilt: 10 °
  • Min. size: 26 "
  • Max. size: 55 "
  • Max. weight: 30 kg
  • Number of pivot points: 3
  • Min. distance to the wall: 125 mm
  • Max. distance to the wall: 530 mm
  • CIS®: -
  • AdvanCIS™: -
  • SPS™ (Screen Protection System): -
  • SMM™ (Smart Movement Mechanism): -
  • Interface width: 392 mm
  • Interface height: 420 mm
  • Guarantee: Life time
  • Wheels: -
  • Remote Controlled: -
  • Adjustable depth: -


A Lifetime of Carefree Ownership

The Vogel’s seal of approval guarantees your satisfaction, bringing you certified quality products, offering easy TV mounting instructions and providing a lifetime guarantee of outstanding performance. 1fd165af-c6b8-45ee-827b-d30993c69426_garantie

Vogel’s Guarantee

Vogel’s guarantee applies to our products. For virtually all Vogel’s TV wall mounts we offer life time guarantee.

Strong and Secure Mounting

Strong and secure mounting to protect precious entertainment equipment (Fischer plugs included).

Mounting Materials Included

All mounting materials included to save time mounting your LCD, Plasma or LED flat screen TV.

Easy Mounting Instructions

Clear and simple mounting instructions for easy installation.

The Right Fit for Every Screen

The right fit for every screen to prevent frustrating mistakes.

Certified Quality

Carefree experience assured with our quality products.



AVsion sells AV products for installation only, in the Sydney CBD, Eastern Suburbs and Lower North Shore. Products are not sold separately.  Shipping cost is free of charge for all products we offer.


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