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Building on the success of International multi-award winning Island 5.2 and 6, the Island 7 is the latest entry level HDMI cable from Wireworld. Enjoy all the performance benefits of Wireworld’s flat, flexible Symmetricon design at an entry level price.

Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of high definition the way it was meant to be. Wireworld’s award winning flat HDMI cables are worldwide reference standards for HDMI video and audio perfection. Uniquely engineered to be incredibly fast, DNA Helix® and Symmetricon® designs feature superior conductors and Composilex® 2 insulation that deliver crystal clear definition, depth, and contrast at every price level. Experience the world’s first flat HDMI cable and America’s first upgrade HDMI brand. Every model exceeds the HDMI 2.0 specifications for 3D and UltraHD 4K.

Many custom installers around the world use Wireworld HDMI cables simply because they work in situations where others don’t. Even though HDMI video is generally excellent to begin with, the higher speed and lower noise of Wireworld HDMI cables reduces pixel noise, improving contrast, colour saturation and depth perception. On the other hand, HDMI audio is prone to jitter losses, making the cables connecting source components to the receiver/processor the most important audio cables in the system. Therefore, we recommend upgrading the source cables as the first step to appreciating the benefits of Wireworld HDMI cables.


The DNA Helix cable design (U.S. Patent #8,569,627) was formulated to provide a comprehensive solution to the audible losses of cables. Essentially, signals are moved through cables by electromagnetic field energy vibrating electrons in the conductors. To minimize electromagnetic losses, including skin effect, the flat conductors in the DNA Helix designs are as thin as a single strand. All of the strands are completely parallel, providing the most direct signal path possible. These unique flat conductors are arranged in layers to channel the electromagnetic signal energy most efficiently. Furthermore, in the analogue cables, the spacing between the positive and negative conductors is fine tuned by ear to match the pure sound of a direct connection. The effect of that tuning is like focusing a lens, with the beautiful textures and dynamics of live music coming into vivid 3-D focus when the spacing is just right.

Symmetricon design provides similar advantages to the more complex DNA Helix design in lower cost applications. This innovation enables more of the original signal information to be reproduced than conventional cables, increasing both clarity and dynamics for lifelike sound and imaging. Symmetricon effectively doubles the area where electromagnetic energy is channelled efficiently through the cable.


A common misconception is that the gauge of a speaker wire is all that matters. Heavier is better, right? Wrong. Gauge can make a difference, but the cable design and material quality can have an even greater impact on performance. That is why Wireworld focus on developing the most efficient designs and producing them with the best quality materials available in each price range. For example, the conductors in their least expensive cables are oxygen-free copper and their ultimate cables use Ohno Continuous-Cast® solid silver.


Beyond the advantages of the best conductor materials, Wireworld’s second generation composite insulation, Composilex 2, preserves the purity of the signal by minimizing triboelectric noise better than any conventional insulation material, including DuPont Teflon®. Composilex 2 provides rewarding improvements in vividness, focus and dynamic contrast. With these innovations, Wireworld Series 7 cables have advanced the art of reproducing the power and delicacy of music.


Innovative testing is the very foundation of Wireworld’s technological advances in design, materials and performance.

With the invention of the CES Innovations Award winning Cable Comparator™ (US Patent #5,740,255), Wireworld created a tool that allowed us to instantly compare cables to the only scientific reference standard for cable fidelity, a direct connection between components.

While others test their cables against other cables, Wireworld utilises the pure sound of a direct connection as their benchmark, creating new design geometries and custom material compounds based on tried and true scientific principles in an effort to attain that same perfection in their cables.

This testing advantage has led to several patents including DNA Helix, and has enabled Wireworld to refine and improve the material blends in their ultra quiet Composilex 2 insulation.

“If you backed your components up and docked them directly together, you would hear them at their best. At Wireworld we strive to create cables that sound as perfect as a direct connection.” David Salz. President, Cable Designer


WireWorld is leading the way in verifying the quality of all its HDMI®products. WireWorld’s range of HDMI® cables are subjected to a very exact quality control and testing procedures. Each and every cable goes through a full electrical test and visual inspection. Only the samples that meet our strict criteria are shipped to customers worldwide.


Conductors: OFC signal conductors
Insulation: Composilex 2
Contacts: Silver/gold
Connectors: Molded plastic
Available lengths: 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 12m* & 15m*
Dimensions (WxT) 18mm x 4.5mm (cable), 20mm x 10mm (plug)


* = This cable feature Active Eq. circuits. Cable direction MUST be observed for these cables to function and to avoid damage.

IMPORTANT: Please observe the correct cable orientation during installation. The cable is marked with an arrow “→” which indicates signal direction.
e.g. Bluray/DVD → AV Receiver→ TV/Projector


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Conductors: Copper signal conductors
Insulation: Composilex 2
Contacts: 24k gold plated
Connectors: Molded plastic
Available lengths: 0.3m, 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7m*, 9m* & 12m*
Dimensions (WxT) 14mm x 3mm (cable), 18mm x 10mm (plug)


WireWorld Cables comes with life time warranty






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