cctv security systems

Are you concerned about security at your home or business? Security systems have evolved into sophisticated tools to help you not only protect but also manage your business while you concentrate on building it.

At AVsion we can design and install the ideal CCTV security system for your premises. Our technician has many years’ experience with security systems and can advise you on the best system for you, based on your needs.

You can utilise CCTV for:

Productivity and Management

Use your CCTV security system as a tool to help you manage your business and boost productivity. CCTV works 24/7 and can monitor your worksite(s), especially those that are located remotely, when you are not there. You can also check on your home whilst at work or on holiday through remote access to ensure that everything is secure and as it should be.

Security and Theft

Keep your workplace or home safe from intruders with CCTV. Whilst generally acting as a deterrent, CCTV high definition images can be used to identify and prosecute people who do commit a crime on your premises.

Residential and commercial

We often think of CCTV for commercial purposes only and don’t consider the extensive benefits that can be gained from having a CCTV security system in our homes.

Remote access

Access your CCTV security system from anywhere in the world. Check on the activities at your commercial and residential properties using your Smartphone, laptop or tablet.


AVsion Services

Design – Determine camera location and quantity;

Supply – Equipment for the CCTV security system;

Install – CCTV system equipment and configure for remote access;•

Cabling – Hide in conduit, walls or ceiling;

Home Automation – Integrate into control system.