Do you experience poor Wi-Fi signal or maybe your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach every area in your home or office? Do you lose Wi-Fi connection as you move from one room to another or experience Wi-Fi dropouts that are unrelated to your internet service provider (ISP)?

You don’t have to put up with dead spots, bad signal and dropouts. When you have the experienced team at AVsion set up your Wi-Fi, you can have strong Internet access where and when you need it.

At AVsion we design, supply, install, and support your computer network and multimedia needs. Our service, performed by highly qualified professionals, gets you connected and surfing easily without any hitches.

With experience in both IT and AV, we can look at the big picture when deciding the best solution for you.  As we have the capability to install both your IT and multimedia needs, you don’t need multiple tradespeople to complete the job. This saves you time and money.

Our Wi-Fi and Network installation services include:

  • Wi-Fi network design and installation – home or office
  • Access Points, Router, Switches, Patch panel and data cabling installation
  • Wi-Fi for multimedia applications
  • Mobile and Tablet Wi-Fi access
  • Home automation Wi-Fi access
  • Network Programming

In today’s technical climate, your Wi-Fi and computer network is as important as electricity and water. Having a reliable network will increase your productivity, functionality, streaming and security.

Setting up Wi-Fi yourself can be challenging, and costly, if you don’t have the right experience. When you use AVsion professionals, your Wi-Fi set-up is completed and operational while you spend time on more important things.

Contact us at AVsion, we have conducted extensive research and product testing, and can recommend the best solution for you. We use our considerable experience to make sure that your Wi-Fi service is correctly configured for the best signal, performance and security.